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Sure, many of us have fantasized about becoming a member of the exclusive Mile High Club. Originally coined in 1914 (thanks to the invention of autopilot), the term evokes images of a secret, sexy tryst in the skies. In reality, the average experience is often a hilarious recap of coffin-sized cubicles, questionable hygiene and unfortunately timed bouts of turbulence. Luckily for all of you frisky flyers out there, the seemingly un-sexy state of Ohio has the answer: Flamingo Air’s Flights of Fancy.
Marketed as ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, marriage proposals and "any special occasion" (do you really need a reason to want to experience an orgasm at 35,000 feet?), Cincinnati-based Flamingo Air offers a one-hour romantic flight complete with champagne, chocolates and a very discreet pilot hidden behind a curtain. The fact that it's legal may or may not appeal as some feel that the risk of getting caught is part of the fun. Our tips? Make sure to keep your seat belts fastened during take off and landing, and if you do hit a spot of turbulence along the way, just assume the position and let Mother Nature do the rest.
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