Not so long ago, street food was seen as something undesirable and inherently un-cool. After all, why eat from a  truck when you could sit down in a proper restaurant? Today, food truck cuisine is a recognized and celebrated part of Vancouver's cultural identity. In fact, food trucks are such an important feature of the urban cityscape that there are even 'foodie tours'  designed to give tourists a taste of some of the city's best offerings. You don't have to sacrifice quality for convenience, so don't put your day on hold for a meal. Here are the best Vancouver food trucks to satisfy all your cravings, whenever they may crop up.  

Mom's Grilled Cheese

Howe Street & Robson Street

You might be surprised to hear that one of the most popular and famous food trucks in Vancouver is a truck that sells grilled cheese. Aside from a made-to-order menu, Mom's Grilled Cheese also features an expansive menu, boasting gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches filled with ingredients such as turkey or meatballs. The cheese pops with flavour, and the bread is always grilled to perfection. Each sandwich is made with love by the friendly staff, truly living up to its moniker of  Mom's  grilled cheese.


Multiple Locations

Everyone's eaten a hot dog from a street vendor before, but how about a Japadog ? Japadogs are your typical hot dog, but with a Japanese fusion twist. Instead of staples such as relish or ketchup, Japadogs can be topped with items such as oroshi (freshly grated radish), bonito flakes, seaweed, or shrimp sausage. Since its humble beginnings as a single food cart, Japadog has now expanded to six locations on the West coast area, and even has its own restaurant. If you don't eat at Japadog, you haven't experienced true Vancouver food truck culture. Some flavours are limited to specific carts, so try and eat at every one!



Burrard Street & West Pender Street

Didn't have time to eat breakfast before work? Out for some early shopping and already feeling those hunger pangs? Pop down to the Yolk's food truck for absolutely divine and filling brunch-style breakfast. Freshly-squeezed orange juice, truffle-lemon hash browns, chicken and waffles ... you'll want to drop by everyday to try everything on their menu at least once. The Yolk's food truck is only open until 2 PM, so make sure you get there on time!


Soho Road Naan Kebab

700 West Georgia Street

With classic favourites such as flavourful butter chicken wraps and aromatic tandoori chicken, it's not hard to imagine that Soho Road is one of the more popular and successful food trucks in downtown Vancouver. Everything at Soho Road, from the yogurt to the sauces, are hand made, and the intensely fresh flavours of each wrap are unforgettable. Crunchy vegetables, mouthwatering spices, juicy meat...each Soho Road wrap is a decadent adventure in both taste and texture.


Aussie Pie Guy

*Roaming locations

It's rare to find authentic Australian food in Vancouver, and it's even rarer for it to come from a food truck. Aussie Pie Guy sells deliciously satisfying Australian meat pies, handcrafted with the best local ingredients. The pies themselves are rather small, but they are intensely filling; chock full of meat, vegetables, and potatoes, these pies show that bigger isn't always better. Try their signature Shane's pie, or go on an adventure with their rotating special. If you're lucky, they'll have their kangaroo pie in supply!



884 W Cordova Street

A lesser known food truck compared to the others on this list, Chickpea is still definitely worth a visit. Calling themselves "vegetarian comfort food with a Mediterranean twist" , their crispy falafels are so tasty, even meat lovers will find themselves coming back for more! Each platter comes with plenty of food, but you never feel bloated no matter how much you eat due to the light and fresh ingredients. Even if you're not particularly hungry, drop by for their refreshing mint lemonade or kefir! They're perfect for the summer heat.

  *Roaming locations - check Street Food App  in advance