A massive proportion of the local population in Vancouver is of Asian descent, which has given rise to a thriving Asian food culture. The vast selections of cuisine are especially prevalent in late-night comfort foods, where you can find an array of delicious snacks to satisfy your midnight cravings. Here's our pick of the tastiest...  

Zabu Chicken

1635 Robson Street, Vancouver

What goes better together than beer and fried chicken? Zabu Chicken has made a name for themselves for Asian-style fried chicken such as the salty Zabu Soy Garlic wings or the Yang Nyum Chicken (sweet & spicy with a hint of cinnamon). Nestled in a quieter part of Downtown Vancouver, the streets are broken by the rambunctious atmosphere spilling out from the patio of Zabu Chicken. This happens pretty often (and we love it!) because its open from afternoon til 2am (on Fridays and Saturdays).

The One

5908 Kingsway, Burnaby

There is no other one restaurant that you need to try after The One . While the staple of their snacks are Chinese and Taiwanese influenced, they also offer palate-pleasing tastes for the less adventurous. A casual dining restaurant in South Burnaby, this homely eatery is stocked full of snacks ranging from outlandish beef tendons and seafood hotpots to the classic chicken nuggets. However, The One is best known for the larger-than-life overflowing bubble teas, a Taiwanese drink similar to a milkshake or smoothie with chewy sweet pearls scattering the bottom of the glass. Enjoy 'em (pretty much) anytime - they're open till 2am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Bubble World

1136-8328 Capstan Way, Richmond

The veteran of the late night Asian food scene, Bubble World has set the bar for other comfort food destinations. Only a 20 minute drive from the downtown core, Richmond is the mecca for sweet late night snacks. Featuring bubble waffles, a spongy and crispy delicacy brought to Vancouver from Hong Kong, and bubble tea, the name of the franchise is suited to their offerings. The service isn’t spectacular, but it's worth waiting for - the popular local hangout is hectic for good reason. Eat or drink til 1am on weeknights and 2am on weekends.

Guu Original

838 Thurlow St, Vancouver

The pioneer of the izakaya trend in Vancouver, Guu offers an informal Japanese-styled gastropub atmosphere to relax and enjoy some sake (Japanese rice wine). The range of traditional Japanese dishes including udon, tempura, and oden is quite a “Guu”d accompaniment for an evening of intimate relaxation. Luxuriate in a leisurely dinner - it serves food till midnight.

Phnom Penh Restaurant

244 E. Georgia, Vancouver 

Just pronouncing the name of this restaurant is a challenge, but like the actual restaurant, once you get accustomed to the ungainliness, it becomes a treasure. The unkempt streets outside Phnom Penh and the humble furnishings inside the restaurant have no indication of the quality of food you are about to taste. But their signature dishes are honestly perfection. Don't miss the butter beef (a vinegary raw beef dish), addictive chicken wings, and savory beef luc lac (a beef stew dish served with rice).

Landmark Hotpot House

4023 Cambie St, Vancouver

A steaming bowl of flavorful soup is the centerpiece on a round table as you gather with a bunch of close friends to enjoy an unforgettable meal at Landmark . There is a culture around hotpot that is unrivaled by any other type of meal, as cooking your food in the same pot gives rise to a heartening sense of community. Landmark offers various seasoned soups which bleed flavor into the succulent proteins such as fatty beef, Kobe beef, crab, and fish tofu. It's best enjoyed in large groups, and till late - it's open till 2pm.

Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie

163 Keefer St, Vancouver

" Bao Bei ", meaning precious in Chinese, is a gem in Vancouver's Chinatown offering a modern twist on traditional flavours from Taiwan, Sichuan, and Shanghai. Not only are they vegetarian and vegan friendly, they use sustainable seafood, organic meat and free-range eggs. The restaurant doesn't use MSG in their dishes, so you can enjoy a delicious late-night meal with no regrets the next morning. They're open till midnight Monday to Saturday - so there's no excuse for not popping downtown.

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